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Find Dogging venues for car park sex.

Car parks across the UK are used by swingers and exhibitionists a like as venues for filthy outdoor sex acts.

CharlieXXX, 31 from Liverpool, Merseyside

Couples love to be watched as they have sex in the car

Its no secret dogging couples love to be watched as they are going at it in their cars and at dogging venues we have the filthiest couples who are seeking frisky watchers and voyeurs to meet and watch them fuck and if you play your cards right the wife might even flash you over to come and join in. Being invited over by a couple happens on numerous occasions but one thing all watchers need to know is that you can not go straight over to the car whip your dick out and expect the lady to play with your cock. It doesn't work that way you need to be invited first. These couples get their kicks by you watching them making out and its a chance for the slut wife to show just how damn good she is in bed they know you are loving this front row sex show and happily jerking off to their saucy actions. If you fancy meeting a dogging couple yourself then why not join dogging venues today and have a look around. There are plenty of wives & their husbands to choose from and i can personally guarantee you will be watching a couple fuck in their car in no time.

For first time watchers here are a few tips you should learn when it comes to couples fucking and men watching. Just learn and follow the signals and your meet will go smoothly. First time can be very nerve wracking but trust me you will be loving it in no time:

You can watch if the car interior light is switched on, so do not wander around looking into people's cars unless their headlights or brake lights have been flashed or the interior light is on.
Flashing lights – are there any other doggers nearby?
Interior light on – we want to be watched
Window half down – oral sex is on offer
Window fully down – touching is allowed
Door open – full sex is on offer

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