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Find Dogging venues for car park sex.

Car parks across the UK are used by swingers and exhibitionists a like as venues for filthy outdoor sex acts.

CharlieXXX, 31 from Liverpool, Merseyside

What you need to know about dogging

When are Dogging Venues Active? Dogging is generally a night time activity and given the UK weather, is more popular in the Summertime. That does not mean activity stops in Winter, there is just less people willing to brave the chilly nights. At the end of the day, sex is a very good way to keep warm!

Common Sense Dogging Rules
If you find or are invited to a Dogging Venue, make sure you are very discreet and try not to attract members of the public who may be nearby.
Make sure that you remain patient as you have to develop trust with any fellow Doggers.
As with any other form of dating, ensure you are clean and tidy, pay attention to clean hands and fingernails.
If you do get lucky, make sure that you clean up after yourself – leave no litter.
Be polite and show respect to fellow Doggers, in particular to the ladies, who will almost certainly have a partner nearby.
Above all, play it safe and always use protection such as a condom.

Dogging Signals
Watch for signals such as a flash of headlights or the interior light being switched on an off.
Only approach if it is clear they are indeed out to have Dogging fun.
Be patient and watch if all is well. If the window is slightly down you may be able to talk to the them. If the window gets would down completely this may be an invite to touch. Take care – never assume. You may get invited to join in, however you may not.
If all goes well and you do get invited to play, make sure that you let the couple guide what they want. At this stage you do not want to scare them off.

As I have said before, above all play safe and have fun.

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